Server Opens December 2019

welcome to Project Eternity, an Australian based progressive PvE Wrath of The Lich King server.

Project Eternity aims to answer the question of "What happens when the content ends?" by making sure the content doesn't end.

Our intent is to progress through all the Wrath patches and content, after which we will begin releasing custom content such as new classes, dungeons, and areas, all while attempting to maintain the classic Blizzard WoW feel that we fell in love with over a decade ago.

We will be releasing with a number of custom changes, including:

  • An all-new HARDCORE mode, for players that want an extra challenge.
  • VARIABLE XP, between 0-4x. These can be selected by speaking to an NPC located in each faction's starting zone.
  • CROSS-FACTION grouping. This allows both Alliance and Horde players to group up and enjoy dungeons and raids together.
  • Cross-Faction BATTLEGROUNDS, re-coded to allow Alliance and Horde to play on the same teams, ensuring more balanced PvP matches.
  • PVP XP GAIN, for those that just want to PvP, honorable kills will award experience.

Currently, we expect to open the server to the public in December 2019.

For information on how to get started playing on Project Eternity, check out our handy Quick Start Guide, or come and join the conversation on our forums to say hi and meet other players.