bounty on Garrick Padfoot

Kill Garrick Padfoot and bring his head to Deputy Willem at Northshire Abbey.

Garrick's Head

Quest Description

Garrick Padfoot - a cutthroat who's plagued our farmers and merchants for weeks - was seen at a shack near the vineyards, which lies east of the Abbey and across the bridge. Bring me the villain's head, and earn his bounty!

But be wary, <Name>. Garrick has gathered a gang of thugs around him. He will not be an easy man to reach.

Quest Progress

Did you find Garrick's shack? Are we finally free of that villain?

Quest Completion

Hah - you caught him! You've done Elwynn a great service, and earned a nice bounty!

Rewards (Choose One)

Quest Details

Quest Level 5Min Level 2Faction Start Deputy WillemEnd Deputy Willem
+ 2 10 Bonus at Max Level