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evelopment Diary, July 2019

Welcome to the first installation of our development diary. These are intended to take you behind the scenes with the developers, to give you an insight into where we're at, and where we're headed.


This project was founded on the core concept of making sure there is content after the end of the official content releases. After Wrath, Blizzard took a direction that was widely perceived as negative, and turned the game into something quite different. Many of us who fell in love with the game during Classic, TBC, and Wrath no longer felt like the game offered the same level of challenge or engagement we'd come to enjoy.

This server intends to have a close engagement with players, and provide content after Wrath that more closely matches the "Old-school" WoW feel. This is an ambitious project, but with it comes limitless opportunity and possibilities.

We welcome you to Project Eternity.


We've all griped about retail scrubs with their heirlooms and free epics and instant leveling and decided that that life isn't for us. It's one of the reasons we're still here. Here at Project Infinity we thought we'd give you the opportunity to prove just how tough you are.

Hardcore mode can be selected from the NPC BJ Blazkowicz (The most hardcore video game character of all time) in your faction's starting area before your character has gained any experience. Hardcore mode will prevent your character from trading with others or using a guild bank. Additionally, if a hardcore character dies it is deleted PERMANENTLY, and its deeds recorded in the Hall of Fame. Additionally, a special reward will be offered to any character that attains level 80 in hardcore mode.


There's not too much to say here other than things are progressing steadily. We have installed our core on a testing server and so far it appears very stable. Stand by for information regarding beta testing for specific content. One thing to note is that due to our custom changes, you will be required to use our client, which will not work with other private servers.

I hope you've enjoyed this inside look at the server, and are starting to get as hyped as I am about release. The development diary will be released each month, so keep an eye out for the next edition.

Posted By Tamosheik, 01/07/2019