The Barrens ⟫ Rules


By playing on The Barrens, players agree to adhere to the following rules. Not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse. The Barrens staff reserve the right to change these rules at any time. Players are obligated to observe changes to the rules announced via the website, in-game, or in Discord, and abide by them even if this page has not been updated. It is possible to appeal against a staff member's decision only via direct message on Discord. Staff reserve the right to ban any player from the game server and/or Discord server without stating a reason.


1. Language

It is against the rules to use racism/racist terms, spam, or troll in public channels in-game and in Discord.

Access to public channels and Discord is a privilege, not a right, and can be taken away at any time based on the player's behaviour, without warning, at the discretion of staff.

2. Botting

Automated or unmanned playing of your character is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate ban of the account, with the potential for all your accounts being banned.